Department of ENT at YMC was established in 1999.The department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) & Head and Neck Surgery in Yenepoya Medical College Hospital cater to patients from various rural parts of Karnataka and Kerala. Our vision is to provide best tertiary care with ultra modern facilities. Department has 2 Unit and 60 beds.


Under graduates (250 MBBS) and Post graduates (5 MS ENT)

Add on Courses offered

  • Certificate course in Assessment and management of vestibular disorders for medical professionals
  • Certificate course in Assessment and rehabilitation of Vestibular disorders for audio vestibular specialists and rehabilitation specialists
  • PhD Courses

Undergraduates and Post graduates simulation based teaching at ACTSYEN

Clinical Services

I. Out patient services

  1. Endoscopy Services:
    • Otoendoscopy
    • Nasal endoscopy
    • Video laryngoscopy
  2. Audiological Services:
    • Pure tone audiometry
    • Impedance audiometry
    • OAE & BERA
    • Hearing aid trial
  3. Vestibular Services:
    • VNG Laboratory tests
  4. Speech and Swallowing Therapy
  5. Day Care Procedures:
    • Endoscopy
    • Foreign body removal
    • Cyst and keloid excision
    • Ear lobe repair & Piercing
    • Tracheostomy change and tube care
  6. Special Clinics:
    • Allergy Clinic
    • Vertigo Clinic
    • Headache Clinic
  7. Micro Ear Cleaning and Otomicroscopy

  8. Department is well equipped with state of art Audiovestibular equipments like VNG and DVA.

II. In patient and OT services:

    • Routine (Otorhinolaryngology) ENT procedures
    • Micro ear surgeries
    • Endoscopic sinus surgeries
    • Head & neck surgeries
    • Micro laryngeal surgeries
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Bronchoscopy & Oesophagoscopy
    • Trauma Services as related to (Otorhinolaryngology) ENT
    • Cochlear implantation
    • Skull base surgeries


Department also has been empanelled under SAST for cochlear implantation program.


Regularly engaged in school and general public camps. We conduct various awareness programmes on hearing, voice and sinus health, Department conducts various academic activities, CMEs and workshops regularly.


Dr. Sai Manohar S.

Dr. Gangadhara Somayaji K.S.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam

Dr. Mubeena

Dr. Sheetal Rai

Dr. Subhodha H.R.

Dr. Nayana V. G.

Dr. Deekshith R.M.

Dr. Divya Jacob

Dr. Akshatha Shetty M.


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